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bakayankee fansub
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bakayankee is comm fansub related to bakaleya 6 (bakaleya boys)
This community is special fansub for bakaleya boys or best known as bakaleya 6. But even though we said that it's bakaleya6 special fansub but we will still sub some other JE talent video that we interested in, but because our main interest is bakaleya boys so our main focus will be them, other JE talent related videos will be only as side project.N

And the Team are:
Rain saayarai
Hello^^ just call me rain, i am really loves bakaleya boys^^ the 1st reason why i want to watch shiritsu bakaleya koukou is because i want to see takaki yuya but after i saw the six of them, it's changed! xD i fell for them, their act, their performances really kakkoii. I think it will be good if they have a chance to debut as a group >< not only bakaleya, but also i have interest to other juniors like iwahashi genki, nakamura reia, and wyuuta xD that's all yoroshiku ne^^

Micchi ohryouchipi
hey... you all, i am micchi, an eighter, best known as Nishikido RYO-UCHI Hiroki's girl who in love with AKAnishi jin-KAMEnashi Kazuya, and have hate/love relationship with Yamapi. currently obsessed with Bakaleya6 and wishing them to debut soon. My ichiban in B6 is the baka banchou, kouchi-sensei, but i love the rest of the boys equally. I love watching dorama and doing subbing thing except translator and kara-effect, since i am suck at it.

Tata tachabee
hi all~~ let me introduce myself :D you can call me Tata ^^
in JE, i love KAT-TUN the most <3
but lately i'm really into Johnny's Jr.. who made me like this?? yes, these 6 Bakaleya boys (blame them) XD
my #1 favorite of these 6nin is Jesse :) but i love all of them.. and that's why, like other fans, i want them to debut together as one group (oh please JE) let's pray hard minna.. hope our wish will come true..
ijou desu.. yoroshiku~

Mumud heysay_aoi
Position : editor, been in Johnny's fandom since june 26, 2011. Arashian who like Jrs (but i love all johnny's, and keep updating info about them). Fav B6 member : Yugo!! He deserves many love after all of his hard works <3

Bubu @eebbiifurai
Wasshoi! Butapaana desu! My favourite Johnny's unit are NEWS, Arashi and Kanjani8. I'm addict of fashionable buta prince called Masuda Takahisa! despite of that i love Morimoto Ryutaro anyway. but since he got suspended i was getting depressed. then i started to follow Morimoto Shintaro because his face remind me of Ryuu. Unintentionally i trapped and fell for bakada6! Till now my big question is why they not going to debut whereas they're good enough for it! QwQ

ririPi ithachan
Hello hello it's ririPi!
I fell for johnny's since 2009. My ichiban is the most handsome man in the world...................Johnny's Kitagawa! xD no, kidding. I'm addict of those pretty boys. Chinen Yuri (Chii) and Kyomoto Taiga (Tai xD) are my sekai-ichi-otoko (err...otoko??? yes. Both are pretty outside but masculine inside)
Actually I can't choose one, I just really love both of them.
I love all johnny's units and Jr. especially JUMP,Arashi, B6, and sexy boys. They all just too cute and Kakkoi (*//3//*)/\
So.......that's all about me, Yoroshiku ne ^^/\

Yuna yunaheepi
Hello~ I’m Yuna! I’m currently learning Japanese but I help with the English checking. I’m a huge hyphen and a JUMP fan my ichiban is Inoo Kei and I love Nakamaru Yuichi as well. I love Tanaka Juri from the B6 boys!! And the rest are all adorable babies! And we’re all stuck in this trap called johnny’ s fandoms! :D

Sarah ladysayori
Sarah desu! (≧∇≦)/
Basically, I love almost everything about Japan. :D I love everyone in Johnnys! I mainly follow Arashi and Hey! Say! JUMP, MatsuJun and Yama-chan being my ichibans respectively. I favor Taiga and Hokuto most in Bakaleya6, but I love them six, of course!

Selma selmaraquel
hello hello! the name's selma. i've been here for a couple of months but i tend to go mia at times (;_;)i'm one of the translators; for both english and japanese. like most of the others, i live in indonesia and am currently 13 years old! you can come and fangirl over juniors, jump, and kisumai with me o u o other groups are also deeply loved so don't be shy to talk to me. i have a wide scope of fandoms so all is well. live long and prosper! ( •3• )/

Dey deydeyday
Hello~! I'm Deydey (or Dey).
I fell for Johnny's with Arashi in 2011 and now since more than a year I'm a big fan of HSJ and Juniors (kansai & kanto). I love all the groups in Johnny's and mostly all the juniors than I know! I love to learn more about all of them! If you ask me to choose a TOP 3 in Johnny's group or Juniors, it's clearly impossible for me XDD In the other hand I'm a huge fan of dramas! I watch them A LOT!
I help with time, encode, upload. Yoroshiku ne~!

Jin su_jin
^_^ hello, this is Jin~ I started out as a HSJ fan after watching Lovely Complex (I was an otaku then). I later moved on to KAT-TUN, Kis-My-Ft2 and now my ichiban is Taiga!~ How did that happen? Bakaleya of course!~ XDD I also love Jesse, Hokuto, and other jrs like Yasui Kentaro, & Nakamura Reia~ I’m helping out with the translations~~ Yoroshiku!!

and we are very sorry if there's mistake in our english, we all still learning english and japanese. English and japanese are not our native languages. So please be nice everyone. ~_^v

Terima Kasih, Thank you, Arigatou Gozaimasu

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