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08 January 2014 @ 10:13 am
[sticky post] [Mod] Introduction  

bannner BNY3

Like the boys said, you are welcome to BakaYankee Fansub. This community is a special fansub for Bakaleya boys or best known as Bakaleya6. We decided to make this community because we love these boys so much that we will sub their video as many as we can ~_^v. But even though we said that it's Bakaleya6 special fansub, we will still sub some other JE talent video that we interested in, but because our main interest is bakaleya boys so our main focus will be them, other JE talent related videos will be only as side project.

We will release the hardsub and softsub. But in some cases like if we cut the file by ourselves then we will not provide the softsub, but if you want to use it to translate into other languages, feel free to contact us to ask the softsub.

Just warn you guys, we are amateur fansubber, English and japanese are not our native languages. So our translation may not be 100% accurate. And feel free to leave critics or advice about our work, so we can improve it.

The entry will be locked (only can seen by members)

Like any other fansub comm, we will set some rules :
1) No Streaming online (which means don't upload them to youtube, daily motion, facebook, tumblr, etc.)
2) No Hotlinking (Which mean don't share our DL link on twitter, facebook, forum, blog, you can DM it to your friend, but don't share it on public or even better if you just link it to our post)
3) Don't upload our files anywhere without our permission
4) Don't bash Bakaleya6's members or other JE talent or other community members.
5) If you're interested to sub our work into other languages, please ask for permission first and I'd like you give us the link for your work so we can link it in our post too

Btw, it will be nice if you guys leave comment if you taking the files, so we know that our hardwork appreciated by others, but it's not compulsory. Lastly our community is open membership, by clicking the join button, you have already a member and can access to our entry. So please be nice and follow the rules, it's not that hard rules right??

We open for request, but please make it Bakaleya6 related videos.
and for request sub/files you can contact us via
email   : bakayankee6@yahoo.com or bakayankee6@gmail.com
twitter : @bakareanoyankee
tumblr : @bakayankee

or just leave a comment HERE

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fumayfumay on February 13th, 2015 12:46 pm (UTC)
I am Hey! Say! LOVE'admin. This is a french fansub for Hey! Say! JUMP, Sexy Zone and Johnny's Junior. I ask you the permission for use your translation for translate your videos in english please.

See you. Bye.

bakayankee6bakayankee6 on February 16th, 2015 03:11 pm (UTC)
Re: Hello
hello.. but we subbed it into English already.. did you mean you want to translate them into French??
you can do it.. but can you give us the link to your fansub? and everytime you're done with the subs, can you let us know and give the link to your post? so we can put the link into our post as well, then fans who want to watch it in French can go to that post ^^
fumayfumay on February 17th, 2015 11:47 am (UTC)
Re: Hello

Yeah ! We ask you if we could to use your english translate for translate them in english.
Our fansub is on a forum and only authorized members have access to our translations. The adress is : http://hey-say-love.forumactif.com/
Yes, we give you the link to our post of our subs.
Thank you for participating in the promotion of our subs !

Thank you very much !
bakayankee6bakayankee6 on February 17th, 2015 04:53 pm (UTC)
Re: Hello
you're welcome~
and don't forget to credit us properly :)